Zetta Florence is recognised by cultural institutions across Australia and abroad for our signature collection of industry-standard Archival Boxes, Binders and Accessories. Protect and present your precious photographs, documents and materials with professional tools made to stand the test of time.

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Effortlessly Create Your Own Timeless Album: Our Exclusive Lipped Clamshell Range is Your Perfect Foundation for a Lifetime of Memories. These Handmade Boxes and Premium Binders Feature a Durable, Hard-Wearing Cover with a Magnetic Closure to Guarantee Protection from Natural Elements like Dust, Light, and Fingerprints. Simply Add Mylar or Polypropylene Sleeves to Perfectly Preserve Your Treasured Keepsakes.

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Designed in-house, over the last thirty years our Safekeeper range has become a staple at Zetta Florence. Our A4-Plus Safekeeper offers binder-style storage and has been developed to give documents extra room to breathe within the cover.


Often a priority for our Architecture and Design firm customers, robust, 100um glass-like sheets of Mylar provide a professional finish to documents ready for presentation.

Archive Albums

Store your photographs and memorabilia in our signature collection of Archive Albums. Using industry-standard materials for archiving, our Albums are made with acid-free cotton pages interleaved with glass-like sheets of Mylar to protect your images from fingerprints and dust.

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DuPont Mylar® D is conservation-quality and welded on different sides to allow for different opening styles, alongside our three-hole-punched binder style.

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Archive Forever

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