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Concentrating our focus on three related areas; Paper Design, Preservation of Paper and Portfolios to house and present important works on paper, we are a creative’s hub.

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Wine Bag

Made from strong natural coloured calico and ties, these wine bags are everyday fun. Our printed sayings will resonate with all!


Whimsical, Melbourne-centric, our in house designed strong magnets are worthwhile mementos as an everyday reminder of life’s idiosyncrasies.


So purposeful, our in house designed clutches with super strong zippers offer a simple solution for everyday storage.

Suede Journal with Pencil

Ready boxed for gift giving, these quality journals keep secrets, drawings, and thoughts in a stylish way.


    Paper and paper products are our core. Our signature papers together with an extensive range of pens and inks will satisfy any paper aficionado.


    Whatever you're presenting — documents, photography, artwork, material samples, products, menu options — our handcrafted binders and boxes enhance and beautify.


    Zetta Florence’s 500 year™ paper is the basis for many of our Preservation products. It is manufactured from sustainable forests (FSC) without using bleaches or fillers or optical brighteners. This means there is no threatening chemicals going into the drains or atmosphere causing more climate damage. It is a beautiful natural color with long fibre strength and has been tested by National Archival of Australia to ensure that it will last beyond 500 years if kept archivally.