Vintage Prints & Decorative Papers. Their story and how to use them.

Say hello to the Vintage Prints and Decorative Papers, two of our favourite corners at our beautiful store. They’re not just lovely to look at, they’re nostalgic, elegant, cute and fun with a number of uses. They honestly feel like a warm hug, a cocktail on a summer’s day and your favourite memory from a holiday.


The History

At Zetta, we love to share the story of our products with you and the Vintage Prints and Decorative papers have quite an interesting one. Through her work outside of Zetta Florence, our founder and matriarch Georgina Knightley (GK, as we like to call her) has access to delightful original imagery you see grace the Zetta Florence walls. Since 1989 this imagery has been gathered, curated and readapted, by our incredible graphics team to bring the vintage artwork back to life. Then it’s printed by our suppliers, before being sent to the warehouse and sorted by Steve, our trusty warehouse manager. The last step of this journey is delivery, which is usually carried out by none other than the store’s right-hand man, Phillip Knightley (Yes, we also call him PK).

How to: Vintage Prints and Decorative Papers

1. An affordable art piece. (we even can frame it in store for you)
2. An affordable art collection! With our themed selections such as Flora or Food they are the perfect for those cute kitchen and bathroom series.
3. The perfect gift. Perhaps it’s a reminder of a holiday you went one together, or your loved one collects world maps or artefacts that relate to Paris, we promise we have a suitable Vintage Print or Decorative Paper.
4. Decoration! It’s all in the name, these papers are for being decorative. We suggest framing for a sophisticated look, otherwise blu tack for that poster style!
5. Gift Wrap. In store we often use the decorative papers to wrap gifts for you. Perhaps you’d like Learn the Zetta gift wrapping tutorial? We show you how here!

Why We Love Them…

There are countless reasons that we love our Zetta Vintage Prints and Decorative Papers, let’s start with decoration. These products offer a low cost, effective and elegant way to spruce up that spot on the wall that you’ve been staring at through lock down but don’t know what to put there. We love them because they make a beautiful gift for avid travellers and flora fanatics. We love them because of our close relationship with manufacturing which means our collection is being updated all the time! But, we mostly love them because they remind us of lovely times, places, holidays and memories from the past.

Where You Can Find Them…

You can peruse our current collection of Vintage Prints online here, as well as the Decorative Papers over here, or come in and visit us at our lovely store at 197B Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

We know you’ll love this collection of products as much as we do, we look forward to seeing you in store soon!

ZF xx