The Beauty of Timeless Blooms: A Guide to Caring for your Preserved Flowers

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A long-lasting and vibrant addition to any space, our preserved flowers range is a much loved collection within the Zetta Florence community. Displayed in our in-house flower studio, our extensive range of preserved blooms is the perfect gift or decoration for your home due to their low-maintenance and long-lasting nature.

Despite these great qualities however, there are some key tips to maintaining the life and vibrancy of your preserved flowers. Within this blog we will explore the benefits of having preserved flowers in your space, how best to care for your preserved flowers and why they make the perfect gift this Mother’s Day!

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What are the Benefits of Having Preserved Flowers in Your Space?

There are several benefits to having preserved flowers in your space over the fresh alternative, which is why they have been a much-loved favourite here at Zetta Florence for years.

  • Our preserved flowers are long-lasting. With correct care and handling, our preserved flowers can last for up to 5+ years while maintaining their natural beauty!
  • Preserved flowers are very low-maintenance and do not require sunlight or watering. As they never wilt, you do not need to remove dry leaves or replace flowers periodically, making them the more sustainable and environmentally friendly substitute to fresh flowers!
  • Preserved flowers allow you to have a wide range of vibrant and beautiful flowers in your home year-round that will never go out of season – making them a timeless piece of floral artistry.
  • Our preserved flowers, when handled carefully, are a great mess-free alternative to fresh flowers! When purchasing our preserved flowers, you can avoid the hassle of fallen pollen or leaves in your space.
  • For those who typically suffer from allergies, fresh flowers have very minimal fragrance, as opposed to fresh flowers.
  • The everlasting beauty of preserved flowers make the perfect meaningful gift to that special someone, making them a great gift idea for Mother’s Day!
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How Should I Care for my Preserved Flowers?

Once purchasing preserved flowers from Zetta Florence, there are important tips to note when caring for them. Remember, if you are gifting preserved flowers for Mother’s Day, be sure to pass on the following tips to ensure the preserved flowers are provided with the best care and remain vibrant!

Keep Preserved Flowers Out of Direct Sunlight

One of the most important tips when caring for preserved flowers is to situate your preserved flowers in a location where they will not be in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will rapidly fade or discolour preserved flowers! To maintain the rich and vibrant colours of our preserved flowers, place the preserved flowers in indirect or low-light locations in your space.

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Keep your Preserved Flowers Dry

As the flowers have been preserved, there is no need to water them. Exposure to water will cause damage to preserved flowers and potentially result in the flowers rotting. In light of this, preserved flowers are best stored in an empty vase and in a room that is not humid or regularly wet (such as bathrooms and outdoor areas).

Handle Preserved Flowers with Care

Preserved flowers are delicate and can be easily broken if not handled with care. Prevent damage to your preserved flowers by avoiding handling them too often and being careful when touching or moving them around your space.

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Keep your Preserved Flowers Dust Free

As your preserved flowers are long lasting, they are likely to accrue dust as any other object in your space will. To remove dust, either using a gentle feather duster, soft cloth or a hair dryer on a low and cool setting.

Display your Preserved Flowers in a Safe Spot

When displaying your preserved flowers, ensure they are out of reach of children and animals, as well as well away from hazards such as candles and fireplaces. We recommend placing them well above the floor, such as a high bench, cabinet or table top.

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The Zetta Florence Preserved Flowers Range

Here at Zetta Florence, we stock a diverse range of hand-picked preserved flora. Our flowers are preserved using traditional methods to maintain their supple form and vibrant colours and have been meticulously selected to ensure a diverse variety of texture and colour options.

Our collection of preserved flowers are available to purchase online and in our Brunswick Street Emporium – Including our new posies arriving just in time for Mother’s Day!

Treat your Mum to a long-lasting gift this Mother’s Day by selecting from our beautiful range of preserved flowers!

Preserved Posies – Rosa – 30cm

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Preserved Posies – Zara – 30cm

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Preserved Posies – Mali – 30cm

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Preserved Posies – Mulan – 30cm

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