Low Temperature Wax Sealing Gun


Our sealing wax gun features a 12mm chamber so our sealing wax sticks fit perfectly. The low temperature gets hot enough to melt sealing wax quickly, without overheating. The wax gun is not only faster than traditional methods such as sealing wax beads, or with-wick sticks, you can avoid open flames or heated spoons, making it safer. Please follow the safety instructions before use.

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  • Low-Temperature, to easily melt and protect sealing wax.
  • Australian compliant (240v)
  • Please follow the safety instructions for usage

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Dimensions900 × 100 × 100 mm


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Guide to using Sealing Wax Gun


Before you plug in your gun ensure that surfaces are cleared and the safety stand is set so the gun tilts downwards.


You can safely plug in your tool, and flick the switch on. The wax gun will begin to heat up to melt the wax.


Leave it for 3-4 minutes, then gently squeeze the trigger until the wax is released into a perfect circle.


For bulk seals follow the first wax stick with a second one, so you are pushing the wax stick through the chamber.

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“I’m loving this wonderful Wax Seal Kit from @zettaorence–colourful Sealing Wax made of organic pigment, fast-heating Wax Seal Gun and heat-resistant Silicone Mat!”

— @skybambi