Safety Instructions

Sealing Wax Gun

Zetta Florence’s wax sealing gun is a tool that will optimize your wax sealing when working in bulk quantities.

Safety First. This is an electrical tool, and so needs to be handled carefully.

It is important when using this tool to proceed with caution to prevent burns or any injuries.

Before you plug in your gun ensure that the safety stand is set so the gun tilts downwards. Ensure the area is free from any liquid. Check the surfaces are cleared and clean and you have laid down a protective barrier in the event of any spillages.

You can now safely plug in your tool, and flick the switch on the gun to on, which will be indicated through the light on the side.

Once this has occurred, the wax gun will begin to heat up to melt the wax. At no point should you touch the nozzle of the gun or the wax.


It is best to leave it for 3-4 minutes, or until the wax easily flows from the tip. If you leave the wax too long this could cause it to spill from the edges of the barrel. The gun should never be left unattended.

Gently squeeze the trigger until the desired amount of wax is released, and safely stand the gun up before proceeding with your brass wax seal.

The gun will heat up in a few minutes. Do not leave a heating gun or a plugged-in gun.

Ensure gun is turned off and unplugged at all times when not in use. Do not use near water.

You will be able to make bulk wax seals if you cool the brass head on ice between making each seal. Follow the first wax stick with a second one, so you are pushing the wax stick through the chamber.