Reflecting on the Woman who inspired the Zetta Florence Institution this International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on and celebrate the women in our lives that continue to inspire us on a daily basis. This International Women’s Day, we are placing our focus on one woman who inspired the founding of Zetta Florence, the woman Zetta Florence herself.

The grandmother of Zetta Florence’s Founder Georgina Knightley, Zetta was a woman who demonstrated empathy and generosity in all that she did. To understand the values and inspiration that can be drawn from the awe-inspiring woman that is Zetta on this International Women’s Day, it is important to first understand Zetta’s story.

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Real Zetta

Zetta Florence (Pictured Left)

The Story of Zetta Florence: A Journey of Perseverance and Inspiration

Born and raised in an isolated farming community in northern Tasmania, Zetta was a woman of resilience and tenacity, living through two World Wars. In World War 1, Zetta tragically lost her first husband. Between the world wars and throughout the depression, Zetta, now a young widow, raised her two children as a single mother. In the midst of these challenging times, Zetta met her second husband, who during World War 2 left and served in the Middle East for five years, returning with significant shrapnel injuries. During his five-year absence, Zetta single-handedly ran a sheep farm, a tremendous responsibility that she undertook with courage and resilience. This involved shearing sheep and feeding shearers her home-made bread, home-grown vegetables and mutton raised on her farm, all whilst raising four children.

Zetta is a powerful reminder that women are the backbone of communities, demonstrating fearlessness, strength and stoicism while always upholding a tender heart, generosity and kindness in everything they do. Despite living a humble and difficult life, Zetta was loving, loyal and kind to everyone, regardless of race, social position or background. Zetta wholeheartedly embraced the concept of inclusion, acceptance, community and kindness in everything she did, and is the reason why Zetta Florence was named after her when founded 35 years ago.

Real Zetta Florence

Exploring Zetta’s Significant Influence on the 35-year institution of Zetta Florence

To this day, the Zetta Florence institute is guided by the spirited life of Zetta, cultivating a community of makers, creators and collectors in her name. We have embodied Zetta’s inviting nature within our Brunswick Street Emporium, and continue to be inspired by her drive to connect with her community. Zetta’s love for collecting rare and beautiful items is present in the Zetta Florence store to this day, with valuable furniture and ornaments filling our Brunswick Street space. As an institution, Zetta Florence will continue to honour the tradition of well-made products, similar to that of Zetta’s handmade chairs that appear in a Tasmanian Gallery to this day.

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Zetta Florence (Pictured Left)

Reflecting this International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day we encourage you to reflect on the women who bring the same inspiration, joy and guidance to your life, as Zetta did for Zetta Florence’s Founder Georgina. In recognising and reflecting upon the values and actions of these women, we can appreciate that societies would be united and unbreakable if only there were more people like them.