Water Colour Paper – Magnani – Cold Press Italia DS – 18x26cm


  • Magnani Acquerello 100% cotton
  • 300gsm fine art watercolour paper features
  • Traditional natural white colour
  • Four-sided glued blocks of 20 sheets

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Magnani Acquerello 100% cotton, 300gsm, fine art watercolour paper features one of the strongest surfaces ever created for painting with watercolours. It is free from optical brighteners, internally and externally sized, pH neutral, acid and chlorine-free for maximum archival quality. Colours are easily lifted and reworked as needed. Made entirely of 100% cotton on slow rotating mould machines using marking felts of an exclusive Magnani design. The traditional natural white colour and four deckled edges (2 natural, 2 torn), gives work made on this paper a rich and dignified look. Use for all wet media including watercolour, gouache, acrylics and pen and ink. In addition to the traditional internal and external sizing, the double-sized versions have been extra sized externally manually through a gelatine bath. This gives the papers a performance equal to that of the benchmarked watercolour papers such as Arches. Available in four-sided glued blocks of 20 sheets in four popular sizes.