Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers


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  • Brush and needle point ends
  • Smooth and resilient nylon fibers
Colour : 451 Sky Blue
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We stock all of Tombow’s extensive colour range of 108 gorgeous colours in the Dual Brush Pen. Each pen has two contrasting ends; a fuller brush and a finer, needle point end. The Tombow Dual Brush Pen’s flexible brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium, or bold strokes. This versatile instrument is fantastic for hand lettering, illustration, drawing and rubber stamping. Made from smooth and resilient nylon fibers, it is strong enough to take on pressure without breaking or losing it’s original shape after extensive use. The tips themselves are self-cleaning, allowing you to mix and blend colours without fear of permanently staining or ruining your marker. Simply brush onto scrap paper to clean the tip. These are a perfect addition to any pencil case.

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020 Peach, 025 Light Orange, 026 Yellow Gold, 027 Dark Ochre, 055 Process Yellow, 062 Pale Yellow, 076 Green Ochre, 090 Baby Yellow, 098 Avocado, 126 Light Olive, 133 Chartreuse, 158 Dark Olive, 173 Willow Green, 177 Dark Jade, 192 Asparagus, 195 Light Green, 228 Grey Green, 243 Mint, 245 Sap Green, 249 Hunter Green, 277 Dark Green, 296 Green, 312 Holly Green, 346 Sea Green, 373 Sea Blue, 443 Turquoise, 451 Sky Blue, 452 Process Blue, 476 Cyan, 491 Glacier Blue, 493 Reflex Blue, 515 Light Blue, 526 True Blue, 528 Navy Blue, 533 Peacock Blue, 535 Cobalt Blue, 553 Mist Purple, 555 Ultramarine, 565 Deep Blue, 603 Periwinkle, 606 Violet, 620 Lilac, 623 Purple Sage, 636 Imperial Purple, 665 Purple, 673 Orchid, 676 Royal Purple, 679 Dark Plum