Medium Preserved Wreath – Rustic – 40cm


Introducing our 40cm Rustic wreath, exuding a raw and natural charm that evokes a sense of countryside tranquillity. Handcrafted with delicate dried foliage, this wreath boasts a beautiful blend of earthy tones, making it a versatile piece for various decors. Whether it’s to grace a festive occasion or enhance your everyday living space, this Rustic wreath is sure to bring an organic touch of elegance and serenity. Its detailed arrangement ensures a captivating presence, blending seamlessly with both modern and traditional settings. A timeless addition to any home.


— 40cm Rustic wreath: Raw and natural charm.
— Handcrafted with delicate dried foliage.
— Earthy tones for versatile decor.
— Ideal for festive occasions or everyday use.
— Detailed arrangement for a captivating presence.
— Suitable for modern and traditional settings.
— Timeless addition evoking elegance and serenity.


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