Large Preserved Wreath – Blooming – 50cm


Introducing the Blooming wreath, a vibrant tribute to nature’s diverse tapestry. With each gaze, immerse yourself in a botanical realm where nature’s nuances shine brightly. This wreath harmoniously weaves together a myriad of colors and textures, from deep purples and fiery reds to earthy browns and soft yellows. Notably adorned with delicate rabbit tails with embellishments, this arrangement showcases dried flowers, ferns, and other natural elements in a captivating dance of life and beauty. The Blooming wreath encapsulates the ebb and flow of nature, transitioning effortlessly from spring’s renewal to autumn’s gentle goodbye. Its timeless elegance makes it a fitting adornment for any space, evoking feelings of warmth and wonder with every glance.


— Blooming wreath: 50cm size.
— Vibrant tribute to nature’s tapestry.
— Diverse colours and textures.
— Delicate rabbit tails with embellishments.
— Captivating, ever-changing beauty.
— Timeless elegance for any space.


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