Preserved Posies – Citrine – 40cm


Discover the timeless charm of our Preserved Posies, available in petite 30cm high and grand 40cm high. Perfectly curated, each posy is a blend of preserved blooms like delicate daisies, and soft-hued wildflowers, offering a burst of everlasting beauty for any space. With no water or upkeep needed, these posies provide a hassle-free splash of nature that stays fresh year-round.


— Preserved Posies in 40cm high.
— Timeless arrangements, meticulously selected and preserved.
— 40cm posies: compact and perfect for small tables or desks.
— Features a diverse array of hand-picked flora for unique texture and colour.
— Naturally dried to maintain vivid colours and forms.
— Long-lasting beauty without the need for water or maintenance.
— Perfect for home decor, lasting gifts, or a piece of floral artistry.


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