Polypropylene Sleeves – 35MM Slides – 25 pack


  • Contains 25 A4 sleeve packs (to fit film negatives)
  • 35mm film
  • 5×7” images
  • Landscape or portrait 4×6 images
  • Full A4 pages

In stock


Zetta Florence’s polypropylene sleeves are a cost effective alternative to our Mylar range. Whilst polypropylene does not have the same crystal-clear finish as Mylar, they are durable, transparent, and contain archival properties of 200+ years. Polypropylene is extremely useful as the sleeves can be segmented to fit your archiving needs. We love our Mylar products, however, due to their thickness, they are unable to be segmented like the Polypropylene. This is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing between the two!

These sleeves are designed to fit with our Image Portfolio and Safekeeper archival collections.