Monami 153 NEO Fountain Pen Fine


Zetta Florence is the exclusive Australian stockist of South Korea’s top stationery brand, Monami. Zetta’s curated range of Monami’s Neo Fountain Pens come in four elegant, cool colours. Monami’s fountain pens are made from a premium plastic case, fitted with a fine nib and a metal clip. Each pen comes with an easy to use convertor with two black ink cartridges. This is a beautifully light fountain pen, perfect for writing with a sense of purpose and care. Monami fountain pens flow smoothly with a velvet-like consistency and the ink will remain rich and pigmented until the time they eventually run out. Built for longevity, Monami pens are designed with care by an expert team from the Monami Research Institute. Since its’ conception in 1960, Monami has been recognised as a leader in pioneering new technology for their coveted lineage of writing instruments. Zetta also stocks a lovely, diverse accompanying range of Monami ink pots and ink cartridge packs. The perfect match to Momami’s Neo Fountain Pens.

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