Monami 153 NEO Ballpoint Pen


Zetta Florence is the exclusive Australian stockist of South Korea’s top stationery brand, Monami. Zetta’s curated range of Monami’s Ballpoint Pens come in sophisticated and fun colours. The Ballpoint Pen size is a standard 1.0mm / 0.7mm size, suitable with the Monami FX4000 Ink Refills. This is a classic, everyday pen for writing with purpose and ease. Monami pens are fitted with “SigmaFlo”, a globally patented technology created with liquid ink. Monami pens flow fluidly with a velvet like consistently. Ink remains crisp and pigmented, until it completely runs out over time. Built for longevity, Monami pens are designed with care by an expert team from the Monami Research Institute. Since its’ conception in 1960, Monami has been recognised as a leader in pioneering new technology for their coveted lineage of writing instruments. Our Zetta Florence staff love to use these pens in their day-to-day, as do many of our customers. Add this pen as a new staple to your writing life!

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