Monami Olika Fountain Pen – Purple – F


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Zetta Florence is the exclusive Australian stockist of South Korea’s top stationery brand, Monami. Our range of Olika Fountain Pens come in 10 lovely colours with 2 different points: fine and extra fine. Zetta’s curated range of Monami’s Olika Fountain Pens are a fantastic addition to your everyday writing needs. Our customers, young and old, have proven to love this pen as it is lightweight and very easy to use. It is suitable for calligraphy, transcription, handwriting and decorating. Encased in a durable plastic case, each Olika Fountain Pens comes with 3 ink cartridges. Built for longevity, Monami pens are designed with care by an expert team from the Monami Research Institute. Since their conception in 1960, Monami has been recognised as a leader in pioneering new technology for their coveted lineage of writing instruments. Zetta also sells Olika refillable ink cartridges in a range of radiant colours. The perfect match for our Monami Olika Fountain Pen!

Measurement: 300 x 370 x 240mm

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Dimensions 30 × 37 × 24 cm