Pigma Sakura Fineliner Pen – 005 – Black


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Zetta Florence has been a proud stockist of American-Japanese Pigma Micron Pens for a very long time. They continue to be one of our most coveted and best selling products. Pigma pens have a pigment-based, archival ink. The nib is made of nylon and metal, featuring a 0.02 mm line width. It has a sturdy needle-point nib, allowing you to maintain a consistent, desired stroke size. Pigma’s inks are known for being rich and striking, without causing bleed throughs. The brand’s unique chemical properties protect the ink from potential damage caused by UV rays, chemicals and oils. Conceived in America in the 1980s, Pigma pens are beloved by a range of artists and archivists alike. Notably, Pigma pens are also traditionally used for manga drawing, professional illustration and watercolouring. We highly recommend the incredibly resilient and reliable Pigma Pen for every, if not most of your writing and artistic needs.