Preserving Memories Since 1989: The Legacy of Zetta Florence’s Archival Range

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Redefining Preservation Standards: A Legacy of Innovation and Partnership

Since 1989, Zetta Florence has been a home for making, preserving and protecting memories. With the intention of creating forever products that are tested and endorsed archival quality, Zetta Florence was founded by Georgina Knightley 35 years ago.

Georgina innovated the manufacture of archival quality papers and boards in Australia, as all of these products were made in the US or UK markets at extremely high prices. Over years of research and development and working with various Australian and New Zealand mills and convertors, the Zetta Florence brand eventually became synonymous with protecting and storing collections. With the mission of surpassing the international specifications of long-term preservation products and a key focus on education and delivery of materials for cultural heritage preservation, Zetta Florence has maintained relationships with a plethora of museums, galleries and libraries. This innovation ultimately refined the way collections have been stored and presented at a fraction of the previous cost.

With the ambitious goal of providing an affordable range of archival storage and preservation solutions, Zetta Florence has ensured that collections both in Australia and internationally are stored and preserved safely since the start of our journey in 1989. In the early days of Zetta Florence, National Archives of Australia approached Georgina with the ambitious agenda to invent and produce archival paper and boards that would last beyond 500 years. The goal was to deliver archival quality storage products available at an affordable price for all government agencies and the public. Specifically, record creation and storage of the past and future could last beyond 500 years if stored in environmentally stable repositories. In 1996, Zetta Florence launched its first 500 year range of paper, folders and boxes – tested and endorsed by National Archives of Australia.

Our commitment to preservation and quality continues to permeates everything we do.

Now, in 2024, Zetta Florence is celebrating our founding premise.

”To offer tested and endorsed archival quality products which redefines and re-crafts timeless storage and presentation products for important collections.”

Archive Album

Our Signature Collection

It is no secret that Zetta Florence is recognised within Australia and abroad for our signature collection of archival boxes, binders, paper supplies, tissues and tapes. Whether safeguarding family heirlooms or national treasures, our archival products are designed to stand the test of time.

Housed within our dedicated Archive Studio in our Brunswick Street store and available via our online store, our extensive range of archival products continues to grow and flourish.


A much loved classic within our range of archival storage and presenting solutions, our handcrafted Safekeeper Album is the perfect long-term solution for storing and protecting your valuable documents and photographs. Our Safekeeper album fits any documents up to A4 size and, with three ring binders inside, is best used in conjunction with our Archival Polypropylene or Mylar sleeves.

Safekeeper Album

Our premium quality, handmade Archive Albums are another option for storing cherished photos within the Zetta Florence archival range. Filled with blank Italian cotton archival paper and Mylar page protectors, our Archival Albums include a made-to-fit storage box and are available in four distinct sizes.


For the past three decades, we have helped customers avoid the natural depreciation of their precious documents, photographs and treasures through our protective and archival-quality products and tools.

Mylar® Enclosures & Rolls

Made to withstand temperatures ranging from approximately -70ºC to 150ºC, our range of durable Mylar® enclosures and rolls will provide your cherished documents, photographs and heirlooms with long-lasting protection. With a signature crystal clear transparency, our Mylar® is pH-neutral, chemically inert and upholds 500+ year archival qualities.

Whether you are looking to display your artwork, important documents or photographs, our Mylar can be paired with our Archival Safekeeper or Lipped Clamshell range for a beautiful visual finish.

Mylar® Enclosures - A4 - Long Side Opening - 25 pack
Polypropylene Sleeves - Landscape 5x7" - 100 pack

Polypropylene Sleeves

Our transparent polypropylene products have been a staple of the Zetta Florence signature range since day one, providing customers with a pH neutral option to protect and easily view valuable documents and photographs. Coming in a range of sizes to suit all of your archiving requirements, our Polypropylene sleeves can be paired with our Safekeeper range or Lipped Clamshell Boxes.

Premium Archival-Grade Writing Paper

Ideal for writing, printing and interleaving, our A4 archival-grade premium writing paper is a much loved product of our archival range. Not only is it environmentally-friendly and FSC® certified, it is also made to last 500 years, making it the perfect addition to your home archiving supplies.

Premium Writing Paper - 100 Sheets - A4 - 120 GSM
White Archival Card

Archival Card

Our versatile archival card is a staple to your archiving journey. Being 100% acid free and 280gsm, our archival card can be used as a barrier or to maintain the integrity of valuable documents or photographs.

Archival Accessories

Our extensive range of archival accessories can help support you on your archiving journey. Whether you require fine point tweezers or archival gloves to handle delicate documents or photographs, or our archival grade double sided archival tape and photo corners to secure your valuable photographs in place, we will have you covered with our archival-grade accessories range.

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Looking To The Future

As we celebrate a rich 35 years of innovation and trailblazing at Zetta Florence, our commitment to providing high quality products is unwavering. Looking to the future, we remain committed to ensuring that precious collections are protected, admired and celebrated for many years to come. We are dedicated to continuing in collaboration with professional conservationists and cultural institutions, with the aim of further pushing the limits of what is possible in the world of archival storage and presentation.