Five Occasions to Bring Out Your Pen & Write a Personalised Letter

At Zetta Florence, we’re proud to be a home for makers, creators and collectors. The artistic tools we supply are tactile, tested in-store and brought to life by our talented customers. The best part about our day is when creatives share the end result of their projects with us, from hand-bound books to watercolour paintings of our shopfront. However, due to multiple lockdowns, many of our connection points have moved online. Recently, our customers have been talking to us about ‘digital fatigue’ and taking a much needed break from their computer screens — we feel exactly the same way! We prefer personalised, meaningful communication. To disconnect from your devices and reconnect with those near and far to you, we’ve thought of five occasions to hand-write a letter:

Reach out to someone whose e mail has been aging in your inbox
There aren’t any pings, notifications or read receipts when a handwritten letter lands at your front door. A personalised letter lets the receiver know that you took considered time to craft a message to them, without the need to respond in a heartbeat. By taking the pressure off in an overwhelmingly digital world, the recipient can appreciate your thoughtfulness. If you haven’t had the time to get back to someone online lately, why not hand-write them a response instead? Fill their letterbox with more than junk mail.

Connect with relatives
While many of us stay in touch with loved ones online, and even if we do love a notification popping up from home, there are family members who tend not to gravitate towards digital spaces. It can be easy to forget to say hello to those we only get to see a handful of times a year. Catch up with a relative before you have to cram a recap of your year into a few sentences at Christmas!

Say something special
When a card isn’t quite big enough to tell someone how you feel about them, write a letter instead. Give yourself some breathing space on the page and let the recipient know how much you care. Is someone that you love coming up to a milestone birthday? Fill the page with your favourite memories together. Are you looking forward to seeing more of your friend now that they’ve graduated? Let them know how proud you are of their hard work. Sometimes you don’t need an anniversary to tell your partner how much you appreciate them.

Make a change
In a world saturated with information, meaningful messages are integral to our quality of life. Take a break from social media to pen a letter to a cause that matters most to you. Is there a charity in your local area you’d like to thank for their services? A political issue you’d like to address to the right people? Perhaps a foundation you’d like to volunteer your time to? A handwritten letter takes consideration and dedication; what better way to send your message!

Wow your pen pal
Lucky for us, our community is filled with makers reeling to get their hands on to a new project, and sometimes with a healthy dose of friendly competition when it comes to letters. We’re often asked about the stationery we carry to outdo pen pals interstate and abroad. Each letter sent becomes better than the last; a work of art with a postage stamp.

Stationery made to impress

Archival Paper

For those who like their letters to feel elevated from the get-go, we have our very own sleek Zetta Florence 80gsm archival paper.

Handmade Paper

Take a sentimental approach with our Nepalese Lokta papers and envelopes that feature real petals.

Olika Ink

Add a pop of colour with bright inks from our fountain pens by Monami from South Korea.

Sealing Wax

To finish, take that extra personal step by sealing your handmade creations with our brass stamps and wax in matte to metallic finishes.

The reveal will feel all the more special knowing you paid attention to the finer details. No more clunky email signatures!