First and foremost, we are a family. We’ve created a community over the last 30 years of creatives, stationery lovers, makers and crafters. When we founded in the summer of 89’ we wanted to establish a business that brought memories to life.

For more than three decades, we’ve been making, preserving and protecting wonderful memories. Before we became home to one of Melbourne’s most exquisite paper and stationery ranges, we busied ourselves inventing and supplying archival products. Working closely with museums, libraries, artists and photographers, our reputation for quality creative solutions began with protecting priceless family photographs, heirlooms and treasures.

And we’ve carried that same fine art focus from our modest retail beginnings on Gertrude St, Fitzroy, through to the creative supplies sanctuary we are today. Inside our Brunswick Street home, you’ll now discover a world of inspiring stationery, archival storage, homewares, quality paper products and boutique gifts.

We are proud to still be the same family-owned business we were more than 30 years ago. One whose doors are always open to those wishing to be inspired, delighted and supported.


Monday-Saturday 10am–6pm
Sunday 11am–5pm


197B Brunswick St
Fitzroy VIC Australia 3065


We believe that quality is integral to the Zetta Florence brand and therefore it is essential that at each touchpoint of our brand, the benchmarking is quality. Ensuring each product is well crafted, the store experience is a treasure trove and the online presence is carefully curated.


Everything we produce is authentic to us and genuinely loved by us. We don’t just make for the sake of making. We believe in all our products, love their unique points and there is truly blood, sweat and tears over each product.


At the core of who we are, we are a family. We’re a family business which seeps through to almost everything we do.  We are a fusion of old world values and service within a modern context. Coming into our store, is coming into an extension of our home.


The real Zetta Florence loved people. Big hugs, kind wisdom, english tea and never-ending chats; Zetta welcomed all to her quintessential Australian home. No frills, loads of character and inviting.

Zetta’s admiration of old world ‘treasures’ was certainly quirkier than most. Some called her a bit of a hoarder but Zetta drew out the beauty in the unique. Throwing anything away was inconceivable; Zetta was one who saved Christmas paper and string for next year’s gifts!

Zetta adored all of her 13 grand-children – including our founder! They would play till dusk in her abundant orchard and lush garden, whilst she worked on her latest craft piece. She sang along with tunes on her wireless, which would take her straight back to her early 20s. Her life was unhurried and relaxed, never mind the rush! In a Tasmanian valley at the foothills of the magnificent Western Tier Mountains, Zetta had a warm fire, home baked fruit cake and endless tea for everyone!

Zetta lost 2 husbands – one in the first world war and the other, to the second world war. Through the Great Depression, she single handedly managed her sheep farm to support her five children and various shearers throughout the district. With a brimming smile and twinkling eyes, Zetta inspired the community around her.  Bringing delight and admiration for her artistic creations, in the end, they were nearly always donated to a person in need. Famous for her kangaroo patties, she’d also hand sew dolls or even, construct a hand carved chair – other times she’d knit scarfs or sew patchwork blankets. She had an eye for re-purposing textiles and all sorts of organic materials with unusual style.

Zetta’s life was infused with love. She nurtured, inspired and welcomed, making any visitor feel like they were right where they belonged.