A home for makers, creators
and collectors

Zetta Florence is a family-owned business guided by the spirited life of our founder’s grandmother, the woman behind our namesake. For more than three decades, we have extended our family with warmth and welcome by cultivating a community of makers, creators and collectors. Our historic Brunswick Street home embodies the inviting nature of Zetta Florence herself, known for connecting with her community through sharing stories and an avid collector of rare, beautiful objects. We remain an institution in Fitzroy since 1989; a treasure trove of artistic wonders designed to bring memories to life.

We look to masters from the past to reimagine and share timeless designs in the present. Just like one of Zetta’s handcrafted chairs that appears in a Tasmanian Gallery today, we honour the tradition of well-made products built to stand the test of time. Our business began by producing a bespoke range of archival storage at a time when the industry relied upon imports. Since then, we’ve fostered strong relationships with Australia’s leading cultural institutions including galleries, museums and libraries.

We make, preserve and protect memories

We have carried our commitment to quintessential Australian designs through to the wonderland our home is today; open to industry professionals and those with a blossoming interest alike. Surrounded by antiques and original artwork selected by our founder, you’ll discover collections that evoke a sense of creativity, place and purpose through quality stationery, archival storage, homewares, paper and boutique gifts often designed by our talented and dedicated team.

We are proud to be the same family-owned business we were more than thirty years ago; one whose doors are always open to those wishing to be inspired, delighted and supported.

Welcome to the family.


Monday-Saturday 10am–6pm
Sunday 11am–5pm


197B Brunswick St
Fitzroy VIC Australia 3065

Quality is integral to us at Zetta Florence. Therefore, it is essential that at each point of our process, the benchmark is set to the highest standard. Our Warehouse Manager, Stevie, who has been with us for over sixteen years and the reviews he receives are a testament to quality with care. Whether it's a consult over the phone, or professional gift-wrapping in colours that you selected on the final product, quality is our top priority.


Down to the finer details, everything that we produce is genuinely loved by and authentic to us. We make meaningful products and deliver them with honest service. Put simply, we believe in all of our products, cherish their unique features and only provide what we have tried and tested by hand. Where we haven't been able to find what we're looking for, we've made it ourselves.


At our core, we are a family. We’re a family business guided by our namesake, Zetta Florence, who showed us that people are at the heart of everything that we do. We are a blend of old-world values and service within a modern context. Coming into our store is coming into an extension of our home.