Our Ethos

When you buy a creator’s work, you buy more than just an item or service. You buy hundreds of hours of trials and experimentation. You buy days, weeks, months of frustration and also pure moments of joy. You do not buy something, you buy some heart, a piece of their soul. A part of someone’s life. More importantly, you buy the Artisan more time to share their passion and craft with others. Photographed by Stuart Shaw (founder’s brother).

A home for makers, creators
and collectors

Zetta Florence is a team of dreamers & thinkers.

Since its inception 35 years ago, we are proud to be the same family-owned business whose doors are open and welcoming to those wishing to unveil creativity, inspiration and uncover new discoveries.

Our History

Zetta Florence was established in Melbourne in 1989, founded by Georgina Knightley. The name, Zetta Florence was her grandmother’s name and it was chosen to reflect the brand’s ethos; honesty, authenticity & community.

Since producing a bespoke range of archival storage at a time when the industry relied upon imports, Zetta Florence has been a leader in premium products for long term storage, presentation and creativity.

Zetta Florence began when Georgina identified a need by conservators and curators for long term preservation products. Daring greatly and working alongside curators and conservators, we researched and scientifically developed products to protect the nation’s art heritage. In 1991, we opened the first store in Gertrude St Fitzroy in a former “rough” hotel. Daring even more greatly, in 2000 our founders extensively and purposely renovated a heritage listed Brunswick Street blue stone building. Powered by imagination and filled with creative spirit, this new home invites collaboration and congregation while sharing advice and stories.

Our Ethos

Product Manager, Georgina Knightley amongst her all male peers in 1987 at Nylex Corporation


We make, preserve and protect memories

With a love for all things pre-loved and treasured, Zetta’s Melbourne-based creative team utilises a collection of Australian artwork we’ve amassed over time. Our design process is often lengthy with layers of discovery, thought, & craft which results in products we are extremely proud of. We do not necessarily follow the latest design trends, but we do strive to craft each item authentically & beautifully.

From our wide interactions over the past 35+ years, we acknowledge that our clients, demand sustainability, ethically sourced, & authentic craftsmanship. We are heartened by the knowledge that our customers care about quality products, personal service & community connections.

From start to finish; inspiration to final product; every product is considered, well-constructed, hard-wearing and carry’s the brand ethos.

Our Future

We believe that if you dare greatly, you’ll inspire others in the process. We actively reduce our carbon footprint at every level by limiting plastic packaging & waste, as well as producing more sustainably sourced products. We’re always in pursuit to create new products with leading designers & artists and we bring the best ideas from all over the world to our home in Australia.

With a desire to nurture and promote other women & minority groups, Zetta Florence’s path forward is to continue our dedication to in the creative world through our designs, workshops, and care for our like-minded community.

Welcome you to the family.

Our Ethos