Wrapping Paper

When it comes to wrapping paper, we have various options for you. Double-sided gift wraps offer versatility, handmade ones add a personal touch, and single-sided gift wraps come in a range of colors and prints. Choose the one that suits your occasion best and make your gift memorable.

Handmade Paper

Handmade Lokta Wrapping Paper – a blend of tradition and creativity. Crafted for over 1500 years in mountain villages, they’re a symbol of true artistry. Hand-harvested Lokta bark at 2000 meters elevates sustainability. Impeccable craftsmanship and unique imperfections add charm. Acid-free Lokta paper ensures enduring quality. Elevate gifting, decor, and creativity with our wraps. Embrace craftsmanship and elegance in every use.

Double Sided Wraps

In addition to illustrating, our graphic designers harness imagery from Australia’s cultural institutions, transforming it into stunning art for your double-sided wrapping paper. Discover unique creations that elevate your home decor.

Single Sided Wraps

Our Single Sided Wrapping Paper is printed on 105gsm archival quality textured paper, sized at 500x700mm. Ideal for enhancing gifts or as standalone wall art. Shipped in a sturdy roll tube for safety, frames not included. Images courtesy of Australia’s cultural institutions.

Styled Your Way

We love to see our Vintage Prints and Posters hung up in your homes. Here are some of our favourites:

Wall Art


Wall Art


Wall Art


Wall Art