Five Lockdown-friendly Gifts for Father’s Day

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Five Lockdown-friendly Gifts for Father's Day

While lockdowns may prevent us from sitting around a table together and seeing our family in-person this year, gracing our father figures with thoughtful gifts tailored to suit their personal outlets will remind them that they’re appreciated — regardless of time or distance.

The pleasure of taking our time in our favourite store to revel in the atmosphere and pore over curated cabinets, coffee and fresh flowers in hand, is on pause; but all is not lost. From the beginning of time, humans have been creative in their adaptability. Re-route Father’s Day this year by implementing a practical-within-the-moment, yet meaningful, approach to giving gifts.

Send a Bottle

There are few pleasures in life adored more universally than a delicious drop. Dependent on dad’s taste, sending a bottle of natural wine, whiskey or a simple six-pack of beer is a treat that encourages winding down at the end of a work week. Search online for boutique sellers and breweries in dad’s area, or order from a winery that you’ve visited together, to support small businesses and give your gift a sentimental edge.

Aid in Organisation

No one could be blamed for losing track of time recently. Transitioning from face-to-face workplaces to virtual meeting rooms has given new meaning to ‘digital fatigue’. While some of us excel when it comes to technology, the deep value in decluttering our minds and at-home workspaces remains. Help dad gain back precious time and energy by gifting him organic organisational tools. We find starting with a desktop calendar an easy way to glean an overview of upcoming priorities and not-too-distant events.

Pay it Forward

At no other point in recent history has it been more important to take care of ourselves; any pre-existing challenges have had their volume turned up. Taking what little energy is left to help those less fortunate than ourselves is a way to ensure communities are supported. Give dad the gift of gratitude for health and family by donating to a local charity of his choosing. We like to support healthcare workers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and art workers at The Arts Centre to keep our home safe and vibrant in the long run.

Usability and Creativity

Prying our eyes away from a library of distractions on streaming services is the first step to exercising our creativity; the second step is having the right tools on-hand to work with. Help dad to avoid waiting five to seven business days to tuck into his preferred creative outlet by gifting timeless, easy-to-use artistic supplies. Our go-to is a softcover Italian-leather sketchbook with refillable pages.

Write a Letter

While the ease of keeping in touch through the family WhatsApp conversation has tethered families near and far recently, meaningful communication offline is sparse. Go beyond a cursory check-in with dad this year by handwriting a letter and posting it in time for Father’s Day. Create a channel for ongoing letter writing by including family photographs, questions to prompt answers about what his life was like when he was your age and tips on how you’re managing lockdown.

Until we can break bread in-person again, use some of our time spent indoors to reflect on what your father figure needs to make this Father’s Day a meaningful point of connection for you both.