Christmas 2023

For many years we’ve earned a reputation for our locally crafted holiday collections that capture the distinct charm of experiencing Christmas in Australia. These creations seamlessly blend our unique Australian Christmas traditions with the timeless enchantment of traditional festivities.

Melbourne Design

Our Christmas designs are the authentic creations of the Zetta Florence team. Each year, we collaborate to exchange ideas, craft concepts, and explore our archives for imagery, resulting in distinctive and fresh Christmas designs. Additionally, we are excited to introduce a special offer: 6 for $15 on Christmas Cards.

Double the Fun

Our in-house designed wraps are double-sided and matching. Simply flip either side to get a different look. Printed in full colour on heavyweight Italian paper, definitely a paper to be passed on for future Christmas’s.

Label in Style

Adorn your wrapping with our Stickers and Gift Tags and make sure your recipient receives the right gift!

Sealing Wax

Looking for the perfect gift? Crafting handwritten letters, envelopes, and invitations will never go out of style. Our wax products and papers are designed to make wax sealing super fun and effortless. They’re not only great for personal use but also as unique and thoughtful gifts.