Christmas 2021

For many years we have become known for our locally designed holiday ranges that celebrate the unique beauty of the way we experience Christmas in Australia, while still evoking the child-like wonderment we feel around traditional festivities.

Our Latest Collection

Our highly anticipated Christmas Products for 2021 are here!

Christmas Cards

Embellish your home with limited edition artwork and stay organised.

Melbourne Design

Our Christmas designs are a true product of the Zetta Florence team. We come together to share our ideas, develop concepts and browse our archives for imagery to create unique designs for Christmas every year.

Double the Fun

Our limited edition wraps are complete with two designs, simply flip to fre Printed in full colour on recycled heavyweight Italian paper, this isn’t your average quality Christmas wrapping paper.

Label in Style

Adorn your wrapping with our Stickers and Gift Tags and make sure your recipient receives the right gift!