Protect your precious memories and have peace of mind that your photos and documents are stored correctly and preserved for years to come.

Mylar® Enclosures

The premium, crystal clear Mylar® enclosure has a thickness of 100um, ensuring robust and luxurious protection of your images & documents.

Polypropylene Sleeves

Polypropylene is an economical solution to preserving your images. The sleeve can be perforated to enclose many different sizes.

Creating Your Album

Use a combination of our sleeves and Archival Card with your Safekeeper to design your display & storage album. Using archival quality adhesives or photo corners in conjunction with our card allows every photo to have its place. This is great for older images that don’t adhere to modern photo sizing.

Shop by Enclosure Style

DuPont Mylar® D is conservation quality & welded on different sides, also comes with 3 hole punched.

Mylar® Roll

DuPont Mylar® D film is the prefered choice by conservators across the world. Conveniently Mylar® is available in a roll which can be cut to size depending on your needs.