SLV — Notecard, John Gould

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John Gould was the enterprising genius behind the creation of 2999 different hand­-coloured lithographic plates of birds and animals. He gained his ornithological knowledge by observation and experience. In his pursuit of new and different birds, John Gould traveled to Asia, Australia and the East Indies. Making these prints was technically and artistically demanding. Gould’s original sketches were transferred to stone with special pencils or chalk. They were printed by hand from the stones. Each print was hand-coloured, and issued in small sets to subscribers only. As the prints were very expensive only a few hundred of the wealthiest people and institutions could afford them, accounting for their rarity today.

Includes 10 cards and envelopes per design, neatly packaged in a box.
Size: 100 x 130mm (Comes in set of 10 cards)


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