About Us

About Us

About Us

What we do

At Zetta Florence, we are dedicated to finding treasures found in our collective heritage.  We make or source timeless, beautifully designed and hand made or produced stationery and presentation products.

Zetta Florence (the original shown here as a 16 year old on her wedding day) is all about capturing images of our past as a reminder of where we’ve been.

Our aim is to inspire you to create and use beautiful stationery and presentation products with the images sourced, designed and created here in Melbourne.  Some of our images are from collections within Australia but we also search the world for gorgeous works that fit within the Zetta Florence style.  Designed to capture our historical soul, our products exude our history yet fit with today’s living.  Hand made, personally curated and exceptional quality – our range reflects treasures within the Zetta Florence archives and the collections of the cultural insitutions that we have worked with closely for over 25 years.

Why the name Zetta Florence?

The real Zetta Florence Larcombe (1901-1992) was born and lived in country Tasmania.  Her resourcefulness, determination and love of other people are attributes that encourage and inspire us every day.  Despite losing 2 husbands in 2 world wars, and raising 5 children mostly on her own during a great depression – and all within the context of the Tassy bush – her stoicism and inner strength depicts what Australians are made of.  We think we should be proud and celebrate where we have come from.  The real Zetta would agree.  In short, we love to bring out the best of Australian talent – both historically and from contemporary artists – to show the world.

About the team

At Zetta Florence, we like to work with people we know and trust. Between our talented staff, suppliers, designers, manufacturers and friends within the cultural institutions, we take pride in our relationships.  Seeking like minded people has always been a passion of ours, as we may be small, but we think big.